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anke fischer
work:museum/gallery education


1999 Freie Schule, primary school, media and film workshops and presentations, Braunschweig

since 2002 Jugend im Museum e V, Museum Education, Berlin : pedagogically museum projects
lecture courses and workshops in time based media art, drawings and installations, museum in school teaching projects
primary schools and students of students for higher education and open studio work

2004 - 08 guided tours for school groups, educational exhibition concepts and museums designs for Visitor Services,
State Museum, Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage/ Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Stiftung Preußischer Kultur Besitz,
Besucher-Dienste/ Museumspädagogik, Berlin

2005 “small universes“ character design-workshop within installation using projections, shadows and characters,
complementing our small universe

2005 character design projects, secondary education, freie Schule Pankow eV, Berlin

2006 “the smile of things“ installations of statements about things we love, in videos, text, photo, drawing, based on "L’amour fou"

2007 “queer family” a collaboration with Isabella Gresser, research, video and book workshop for families on queer family issues
producing and debating queer children’s books, Spinnboden eV, Berlin

2008 photo lecturer and talks “ city view ”, city contact, dottland eV. , Berlin

2008 kiek mal minimal : installations and workstations on minimal art for participation // educational progamming during
the art fair, Preview Berlin and at Fez Berlin  

2008 "pet shop rubens" art project at primary school, Berlin

2009 gallery education project: paper walk, drawing and graphic art workshop and installation at the opening of the
municipal gallery Charlottenburg, Berlin  

2009 Kunstherbst for Kids, GORILLA BUDDHA FELD, Video_Performance with primary schools, ape house, Berlin Zoo